Albridge Wealth Reporting™

One of the best ways firms and advisors can demonstrate value to their clients is by providing a personalized rate of return.

Through a single sign-on interface, your advisors can access portfolio performance, business analytics and more than 15 client performance reports on demand.

Find out if Albridge Wealth Reporting™ is right for your firm:

  • Do your advisors work with multiple custodians and financial providers?
  • Does your firm offer a performance management system with on-demand performance analytics and reporting?
  • Do your advisors struggle with managing multiple applications and manual data entry?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Albridge may be the right solution for your firm. Albridge Wealth Reporting addresses these needs. More than 120,000 advisors from over 150 leading financial organizations, servicing more than 40 million individual client accounts, use Albridge Wealth Reporting. Our solution helps advisors:

  • Consolidate client information from multiple custodians and financial providers
  • Configure client reports on demand for asset allocation, holdings, benchmarking, cost basis and more
  • Connect to your critical business applications, such as CRM and leverage a single source of data
  • Calculate performance using either dollar-weighted or time-weighted returns